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RRD Hardcore Wave 2010

RRD Hardcore Wave 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

Volume: 68L, 76L, 84L

Sizes: 229x53cm, 229x54cm, 229x55.5cm


There are sailors who enjoy a relaxing and comfortable windsurfing session or practice this water sport casually and just for fun, and there are hardcore and extreme riders who find a challenge in any wave and wind blow and push their limits to extremes every time they go out on the water. The Hardcore Wave series is dedicated to the second category of riders, just like the name states. The board is engineered using the latest technology to be extremely fast and responsive. The concave hull and the optimized pressure points of the board allow the rider to reach an intense speed with little effort. The Hardcore wave also offers plenty of pop and hang time for big jumps and tricks. RRD has used a single fin system which is enhanced to deliver maximum stability. The tail uses a V shape and is slightly flatter, so the board can deliver the perfect amount of power to satisfy any rider while offering great balance and floatability. The RRD Hardcore Wave is not a very large board, and the compact design allows the rider to experience fast turns and great jibes. Balanced volume distribution and extra grip deliver a highly responsive control and permits the rider to focus on the most difficult moves without worrying about any unwanted twists. Easy to use and lightweight, the Hardcore Wave performs great in on shore, side shore and cross shore waters.

The board is designed using a biaxial glass sandwich construction featuring Epoxy and Herex 100 fabrics on the bottom. RRD recommends that this board should be used with a MFC K-One fin and a 5.6 or smaller sail, depending on size and volume.