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RRD TwinJoy 2011

RRD TwinJoy 2011

Board Type: Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

65L: 215x56 cm


RRD promotes windsurfing and relates sports worldwide and is always trying to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there. Kids are the future of windsurfing and they need special equipment to help them become future champs. The new TwinJoy is a powerful and agile freestyle board designed for young riders who already know the basics of this sport and now want to perform spectacular maneuvers.

The TwinJoy resembles to the Twintip board to some extent, but it is not just a downsized version of that board. Every detail of the TwinJoy is optimized to suit the requirements of children. The hydrodynamic shape of the TwinJoy makes it very agile and assures a fast glide. At the same time, this shape assures perfect control in higher winds and waves. A special bottom shape which has no V significantly improves planning potential and keeps the board steadier at higher speeds. The reduced tail thickness assures optimal release and improves the jibes and the turn control. It also allows the young rider perform any other maneuvers with minimum effort.

The board is also quite snappy and can perform very nice aerial tricks when it is piloted by a talented rider. A flatter deck shape keeps the sailor relaxed as he performs advanced freestyle moves and assures very smooth and predictable landings. RRD has designed the TwinJoy using a Single Shot Glass technology which provides a unique mix of pop and stiffness and makes the board durable and light. The board is perfect for dedicated and talented young freestylers who enjoy exciting rides.