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RRD Wave Extreme 2010

RRD Wave Extreme 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

68, 76 and 84 liters volume and 230x53, 231x56 and 232x58 centimeters sizes


When it releases new gear on the market, RRD team settles for nothing less but the best quality. The 2010 windsurfing board line introduced by RRD is highly versatile and competitive. To master the power of the waves the new Wave Extreme is engineered to be fast, accurate and very maneuverable, a perfect choice for any wave rider, no matter the style.  The board uses the successful tri fin system, featuring two longer fins on the sides and a shorter fin in the middle. This feature allows the RRD Wave extreme to be very stable and perform predictable in any wave conditions. Once it is set on the water you will notice how fast and maneuverable this board is. Also the tri fin set up allows enhanced accuracy and permits the rider to have a direct and responsive control. A straight rocker line and an enhanced outline develop nice speed and turns out on the waves. The weight center is slightly moved forward to create additional floatability and acceleration, so the Wave extreme is also great for speeding or early planning.

The board deploys balanced power and the new shape featuring a curved tail so it is a real pleasure to ride it in both side shore or on shore waters. RRD has also paid great attention to graphic details, so the Wave Extreme is truly unique and eye catching.

It is available in 68, 76 and 84 liters volume and 230x53, 231x56 and 232x58 centimeters sizes.