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RRD WaveJoy 2011

RRD WaveJoy 2011

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: RRD
Board sizes:

55L: 220x52 cm


RRD team is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all sailors out there with the high quality and performance gear it crafts. Their team pays special attention to children who love windsurfing and intend to become future champs. Especially for them it has designed the new WaveJoy board. This board is dedicated to serious wave riders who enjoy ripping the waves. It is not a simple downsized larger board. Every aspect of the WaveJoy is carefully optimized to suit the needs of young sailors weighting up to 55 kgs.

The narrower and hydrodynamic shape of the board makes it very snappy and easy to handle in most wave conditions. The special semi-gun outline generates a fast glide and provides quite intense top speed. A narrower tail assures optimal power release and significantly improves turning accuracy. It also allows the rider to control the board with minimum effort. At the same time the slight nose lift allows the kid to tackle any wave and provides better control when performing off the lips maneuvers. RRD has used a reduced rail thickness to make sure that the WaveJoy can perform nice jibes and astonishing maneuvers without problems.

The RRD WaveJoy is very agile, but also easy to control. It is perfect for talented kids who want to experience an exciting drive. The board also feels very stable due to the smart volume distribution. The board is easy to ride upwind and has impressive planning abilities. It can also perform aerial tricks when piloted by a freestyle oriented rider. The RRD WaveJoy is crafted using a Single Shot Glass Sandwich structure which makes it light, responsive and durable. It is the perfect tool for turning your kid into a pro wave rider.