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Starboard Gemini 2010

Starboard Gemini 2010

Board Type: Freeride  Beginner
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

367 liters volume and 101.5x371 centimeter size.


Starboard is well known for the revolutionary technology and concepts it uses when it develops new board models. The new 2010 Gemini is created using the blue print of the previous versions, but enhanced to deliver even more efficiency.

The Starboard Gemini can support two riders and two rigged sails at the same time. This feature makes it a great choice for the first time user or for someone who wishes to learn windsurfing and needs a coach by his side. The board has a very carefully distributed volume throughout the body to create maximum floatability so it can hold the combined weight of two sailors. It offers a great safety feeling for beginners since they can use a partner to show them new moves, but at the same time it has nice power for early planning or for speed enthusiasts. A wider shape and a longer outline make the board very stable and safe out on the water. Either it is used by a single rider or by two at the same time, it is very easy to maneuver and very responsive. It may seem quite large but once it is set on the water it feels light and offers fast turns and rotations. The control is accurate and makes the Gemini agile in most wind and water conditions. The Starboard Gemini use the iDO mast base to offer the rider easy tuning options. The sail can be used with the front or center mast track, depending on the number of riders and on the desired power delivery. To maximize comfort and offer a smooth and fun ride Starboard has used a Star Touch deck. This deck offers maximum grip and lowers the weight of the board at the same time.

To balance the weight to strength ratio, the board comes in a Tufskin AST structure. The Starboard Gemini is available only in 367 liters volume and a 101.5x371 centimeter size, and for optimal performance it should be used with Drake R13 Race 700 NR or Drake Shallow 410 FRN fins.