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Starboard iSonic Speed 2011

Starboard iSonic Speed 2011

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

57L: 230x43.7 cm

64L: 230x49.5 cm

72L: 230x54.5 cm

84L: 230x58 cm


Slalom racing is a very demanding windsurfing discipline. Pro riders who compete in world class competitions are highly skilled and require high performance gear. The Starboard team has crafted the iSonic Speed especially for them. This board excels in lighter wind conditions and in flat waters and offers blistering speed and top acceleration. It uses a similar design concept as the iSonic board, but it is much faster, and especially suited for speed addicts. Björn Dunkerbeck, Carlos Sosa, Remi Vila and Tiesda You were involved in the process of research and development of this board, so the iSonic Speed is guaranteed to offer top performance.

The board features deeper deck concaves which lower the center of gravity to improve overall control and reduce swing weight. Each board size has been individually tuned to offer specific performance depending on the wind conditions. Smaller iSonic Speed models work nice in high winds, while larger models are extremely fast in marginal winds. The board features a flat V or flat V to double concave bottom shape, depending on size. The bottom shape works together with the board profile to assure a fluid and fast glide and offer top stability at high speed.

The board is equipped with minimal pads to assure a lighter weight and Starboard has used the Fish scale pad grooving technology to make sure that the pads offer excellent traction and release. The Starboard iSonic Speed is built using a full Carbon construction which provides optimal stiffness and generates a lightweight structure. The board is not only extremely fast, but also very maneuverable. It reacts very quickly to rider input and keeps him in control at all times. The iSonic Speed is one of the most efficient speed sailing boards today.