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Starboard Kode 2010

Starboard Kode 2010

Board Type: Wave  Freestyle  Freeride
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

68 to 122 liters volume and 53.5x228 to 72x236 centimeters size.


The Starboard Kode is perhaps one of the few boards that offer unmatched performance no matter what style the rider chooses or what the wind and wave conditions are. Starboard has created this board to deliver maximum efficiency for the most demanding windsurfers out there. It has it all: speed and maneuverability for freeriding, power and lift for wave enthusiasts, strength and durability to outstand the worst conditions possible.    

The board uses a compact shape and narrower outline to deliver great speed and instant acceleration. Enhanced rails and a slightly narrowed tail also increase the speed capabilities and make the Kode run fast in any conditions. The power V design provides plenty of power for early planning and extreme moves or jumps. The V design is quite innovative since it is created on a spiraling concept and oriented towards the front to generate optimal carving and gybing power. The volume is distributed proportionally throughout the board an increased in the tail area to maximize floatation, stability and steering. Although the board is easy to maneuver, the enhanced rails and fast rocker make it quite aggressive when it tackles the waves, so it is recommended to the advanced and experienced riders. Beginner riders may wish to choose a more forgiving board for their sessions. To increase overall performance for the smaller volume models, Starboard has used heel bumpers and insert screws for the back heel. Larger volume models do not have heel bumpers, but instead are equipped with foot straps that can be positioned inboard for better stability or outboard to increase speed and power. To keep the rider comfortable at all times, the Starboard Kode has a domed deck and soft Fish Scale pads. The board is also agile and accurate, and the sailor can experience a direct and responsive control even at top speed.

The Starboard Kode is available in three different construction technologies: A Wood Carbon construction for extra durability, a Wood construction for extra flexibility and the Wood Technora structure which makes the board extremely light.

To suit a wide weight range, the Starboard Kode is available in 68 to 122 liters volume and 53.5x228 to 72x236 centimeters size. For optimal performance the manufacturer recommends Drake Natural Wave, Cross Over or Freeride Glide fins and a 3.0 to 9.0 meters wide sail, depending on size and volume.