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Starboard Quad 2010

Starboard Quad 2010

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

66 to 86 liters volume and 53x223 to 60.5x234 centimeters sizes


When it comes to windsurfing Starboard makes no compromises and creates only high performance gear. For 2010 it has lined up a series of boards that take this extreme water sport to whole new levels. The Quad makes part of this lineup and is created to offer a unique wave riding experience.

The board is named like this after the quad fin configuration which is enhanced to deliver huge speed and fast turns and rotations out on the water. The profile is carefully crafted and features refined edges and a compact outline to maximize upwind and acceleration capabilities. The larger fin is positioned forward while the smaller fin is positioned in the back to create optimal traction and generate huge power for speed, lift and early planning. This quad fin setup can be turned in a single fin one quickly, to make the board perfect for bump and jump riding. This feature is available for the Quad Convertible series. A V design in the mono concave tail area provides optimal power release to maintain a constant speed between moves or to increase lift and speed. To keep the board light and easy to use Starboard has equipped it with Surfinz and mini tuttle fin boxes. Out on the waves, besides power and speed, the rider can experience super maneuverability too. The board is easy to control and generates only positive feedback, no matter how hardcore the rider is. A domed deck and soft pads and foot straps assure extra comfort and a smooth ride. 

The starboard Quad is available in Dur-X Wood and Wood Carbon construction, while the convertible series comes in Dur-X wood and Dur-x Technora structure. This building technology assures high durability and minimizes the wave impact on the board, while keeping the Quad lightweight.

Starboard Quad is available in 66 to 86 liters volume and 53x223 to 60.5x234 centimeters sizes and it offers maximum efficiency when it is used with a 1.3 to 6.5 square meters sail, depending on size and volume.