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Starboard Start 2008

Starboard Start 2008

Board Type: Beginner
Manufacturer: Starboard
Board sizes:

235 and 210 liters volume and 100.5x275.5 and 94.0x280 centimeters sizes.


The Starboard Start is a board with a long history. Ever since it was released, almost a decade ago, it has proven itself as a great performance board for training, windsurfing lessons and casual rider and had a lot of success with the first time users and beginner riders.

The 2008 Start has been enhanced to deliver even more efficiency and reliability than the previous models. The board uses a wider and ergonomic profile featuring longer outlines to make the rider experience maximum stability and offer a smooth and fast ride. The wider tail featuring innovative cutaways provides optimal power release for early planning, increased speed and jumps. The foot straps are soft and positioned towards the middle of the deck to assure comfort and stability for the beginner rider. The deck is color coded to assure the right feet and sail positions for more or less power, depending on the rider’s choice. Also, additional comfort is added through the use of heel gutters. The rider has perfect grip and can enjoy a smooth glide. Starboard has used thicker rails combined with a long tip outline and a low rocker to improve speed and hydrodynamic capabilities of the board. These features improve acceleration, top speed, as well as maneuverability. The great thing about the Starboard Start is that it is very easy to steer and offers smooth turns and rotations. The control is responsive, accurate and requires no effort at all. Grip and control are enhanced through the use of the innovative Clipperbox III daggerboard system, one of the easiest to use and efficient ones available.

User friendly, light, responsive and with enough power for freeride enthusiasts, the Starboard Start is a great choice for any rider looking to learn the basics of windsurfing or just looking for a recreational ride. The board is available in 235 and 210 liters volume and 100.5x275.5 and 94.0x280 centimeters sizes. Optimal performance is reached when it is used with Drake Shallow fins and a 2.0 to 9.5 meters wide sail.