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Tabou Guru 2012

Tabou Guru 2012

Board Type: Beginner  Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

125L: 258x70 cm

135L: 250x72 cm

145L: 258x76 cm

155L: 250x76 cm 


Tabou is one of the most appreciated brands in windsurfing industry. All board crafted by their team offer top reliability and versatility. The new 2012 Guru is a special board. It is intended to suit beginner riders as they learn the secrets of windsurfing and able to keep up with them as they progress. Crafting such a board was not an easy task, but the Tabou team has done it. The Guru has a user friendly, rounder shape which assures a very smooth glide. This shape also allows the board to react quickly to rider input.

The smart volume distribution keeps it very steady and assures excellent floatability. Extra stability is added by the wider profile. This way, novice riders can learn to perform their first jibes and enjoy a very fun cruise. The board is very forgiving, but packs enough power to suit intermediate riders who want to perform more advanced moves or enjoy higher speeds. A smooth rocker line assures a good acceleration and propels the board upwind without hassle. It also assures very nice planning performance. The wider design of the tail assures optimal power delivery and improves turning control. The power delivery is also optimized by the single fin setup. This fin also reduces drag and improves grip.

The wider outline combined with the proportional volume distribution make the board easy to use in marginal wind conditions. Riders don’t even need a he sail to enjoy a fun cruise in light winds. The Tabou Guru is equipped with a full EVA deck which protects the rider from injuries in case he falls and bumps the board. Tabou has engineered the Guru using an AST technology, based on an EPS core, complemented by a Multiaxial structure. This construction makes the board robust and light. The Guru is available on the market for a very decent price.