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Tabou Manta 2012

Tabou Manta 2012

Board Type: Race  Slalom
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:


63L: 222x49 cm

74L: 237x54 cm

86L: 233x59 cm

95L: 233x61 cm


100L: 233x65 cm

110L: 233x69 cm

113L: 233x71 cm

125L: 233x79 cm

134L: 233x84.8 cm

138L: 233x85 cm


The Manta is Tabou’s premier slalom and racing board. Over the past seasons, the Manta has proven to be a very reliable board and has helped many pro riders win important competitions. The 2012 model borrows a few features prom previous versions, but it is engineered using a new shaping and construction technology which is guaranteed to change the way you race. Each size of the board is carefully optimized to deliver top performance.

Smaller sizes of the board are extremely hydrodynamic and offer an extremely fast glide in higher winds. They cut through the waves at impressive velocity and are very agile. Larger Manta models are optimized for better light wind performance. These boards can help you win any slalom challenge in marginal wind conditions. The board features a fast rocker line which provides blistering acceleration and incredible top speed. The rocker also improves the upwind and planning performance of the board. The great thing about the Manta is that it is able to accelerate as soon as it exits a jibe. The slightly wider tail improves planning and assures excellent release. At the same time, two narrow bevels provide optimal power and improve overall control.

The V curve design in the tail and nose generates a very fluid and smooth drive. It also assures optimal stability and allows the rider to experience extreme speeds without worrying about losing control. The tail packs a bit of extra volume to generate a quick speed as the rider exits the jibe. The Tabou Manta is engineered using a full Carbon technology, using an EPS core, complemented by Fiberglass, PVC and Carbon layups. The board is available in standard and team editions. The Manta Team is extremely light and stiff and offers superior racing performance.