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Tabou Manta FR 2012

Tabou Manta FR 2012

Board Type: Freeride  Race
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

100L: 233x65 cm

110L: 233x69 cm

115L: 233x75 cm

125L: 233x79 cm

138L: 233x85 cm

148L: 233x89 cm


Tabou boards have always been regarded as reliable and versatile windsurfing machines. That is because they are crafted according to the highest quality standards and offer reliable performance from the first moment they are set on the waves. The new Manta FR is a dedicated freerace board which offers an amazing blend of speed and control. The Manta FR combines the comfort of a freeride board with the astonishing performance and speed of a race one. It features a hydrodynamic, compact shape which makes it very agile and assures unmatched control. The board has a smart volume distribution which keeps it steady as it reaches top speed.

Larger Manta FR models pack a bit more volume and can be used in marginal wind conditions. Tabou has used multiple strap inserts in order to allow the rider choose the most comfortable stance according to his style and skill. The strap positions allow the rider to stand on the inside, outside, in the front or in the back. Although the Manta FR is incredible fast, it is not as aggressive as a dedicated racing board. The user friendly, rounded outline assures a smooth glide and excellent maneuverability. The wider tail provides an optimal release and improves the upwind and early planning performance. At the same time, a fast rocker line generates impressive speed and blistering acceleration. The rocker also improves control at high speed. The bottom design is optimized to keep the board steady and absorb wave impacts to keep the rider comfortable.

Tabou has engineered the Manta FR using a Biax Carbon sandwich technology. The EPS core combined with the PVC, Fiberglass and Biaxial Carbon layers generates a solid and light structure which offers a perfect stiffness pattern. If you love freeride and speed, the new Tabou Manta FR is just what you need to experience an exciting drive.