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Tabou Pocket 2008

Tabou Pocket 2008

Board Type: Wave
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

62 to 93 liters volume and 53.5x220 to 61x237 centimeters sizes.


Are you an intermediate or experienced rider who loves wave riding? And are you looking for the perfect board to meet all your demands and offer a great session every time you go out on the water? Look no further, because the 2008 Tabou Pocket is here to offer you exactly what you need. The Pocket blends perfectly power, speed and control and it will take wave riding to a whole new dimension.

The Pocket is built on a narrower profile and a compact outline. This shape allows it to be very dynamic and move super fast through the waves. The volume is well balanced and increased in the front section to allow the rider to perform without effort any bump and jump and freestyle move he wishes. The improved rocker makes the Tabou Pocket really snappy and significantly increases top speed. The narrower pintail offers optimal water release and provides plenty of pop for super speed or hardcore moves. The board has also great acceleration, lifting and early planning abilities. The Pocket is not only fast but also very maneuverable. The new rails permit fast and tight turns and twists, while the board remains stable and easy to handle. The board performs flawless in any situation and the sailor can enjoy an accurate and effortless control. The innovative double V concave bottom design increases the grip and stability and assures that the board will run smooth and fast on the water surface. To improve overall performance, Tabou has also equipped the Pocket with a special wave fin. Fast, agile, powerful and reliable, the Tabou Pocket is definitely the next generation of wave riding and freestyle boards.

It comes in two versions, the Heavy Duty edition, which is reinforced and extra durable, and the Team Edition which features a lighter construction. The board is available in 62 to 93 liters volume and 53.5x220 to 61x237 centimeters sizes. For optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends that the Pocket should be used with a 3.0 up to 7.5 square meters sail.