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Tabou Rocket 2010

Tabou Rocket 2010

Board Type: Freeride
Manufacturer: Tabou

Tabou windsurfing boards are among the most acclaimed ones on the market. That is because their team puts a lot of work, effort and passion whenever it creates a new model. Extensive research and development as well as extreme testing assure that every board will deliver top performance. The Rocket is such a board, and mixes power with versatility to take freeride to a whole new level.

The board is built on the same pattern and has similar features as the Rocket LTD, but the construction is based on different composites. If the LTD version is made on a Carbon and PVC technology, the standard model is constructed on a Glass and PVC sandwich structure. This structure makes it very durable and stiff but not as light as the Rocket LTD. It also makes the board more affordable and we can say that the Rocket has a great price and great quality. The new smooth rocker line and a winger in the tail assure that the board delivers an impressive top speed. These features also significantly increase acceleration and top end abilities, making the board quite powerful. Extra grip and enhanced maneuverability is provided by the double concave bottom design in the front area. This design also improves grip and stability to assure that the sailor can enjoy a smooth ride in any conditions. The Rocket turns and rotates fast, has a great speed, but it is reliable and safe at all times. The sailor has absolute control, and no matter how hardcore he rides the Rocker remains responsive and predictable. Not only that it is fast and accurate, but the Tabou Rocket offers plenty of comfort due to the heel cushions and flexible, easy to adjust foot straps.

Just like the Limited Edition, the standard Rocket is available in 95 to 145 liters volume and 58x237 to 76x245 centimeter sizes. For optimal efficiency it is recommended that the board should be used with a 4.2 to 9.8 meters wide sail.