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Tabou Rocket 2012

Tabou Rocket 2012

Board Type: Freeride  Race
Manufacturer: Tabou
Board sizes:

95L: 237x58 cm

105L: 246x63 cm

115L: 242x66 cm

125L: 250x69 cm

135L: 250x72 cm

145L: 250x76 cm


Tabou is one of the most renowned board manufacturers in windsurfing industry. All boards crafted by Tabou team offer exceptional versatility and reliability. The new 2012 Rocket is one of the best freeride boards ever. The Rocket offers a similar performance and the Rocket Ltd, but it is engineered using a different construction technology.

The Rocket Ltd uses an EPS core plus a Fiberglass, PVC and Carbon layup structure, which makes it very light and stiff, while the Rocket is crafted using an EPS core, complemented by Fiberglass and PVC  layups. This structure provides a balanced strength to weight ratio. The Rocket is more durable, so it can be used in tougher surf conditions without problems. The great thing about the Tabou Rocket is that it is extremely fast, but user friendly at the same time. The rounded outline combined with the smart volume distribution makes it very stable and easy to maneuver. The rider can perform spectacular jibes with the Rocket and accelerate quickly as he exits a jibe.

A special tail winger provides optimal power delivery and improves turning control. This winger also assures improved non planning potential. At the same time, the new hull design assures a very smooth water flow underneath the board to improve stability and control. The board can suppress the wave impacts to keep the rider comfortable throughout the entire session. A single fin assures extra lift when needed and provides better grip and power delivery. The Tabou Rocket is perfect for all types of freeriders. It can reach spectacular speeds or offer relaxing cruises.