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Baby Beach, Maui

Baby Beach, Maui
Region: North America
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Another great windsurfing spot on the north coast of Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, is Baby Beach, which is located right next to Maui Country Club. It is a good place to enjoy a bit of windsurfing when the wind blows from the NE. Luckily, the wind in Maui generally blows from the NW. In the summer the wind blows at 20 to 25 knots while in the winter it blows at 18 to 22 knots. The wind isn’t as strong in the winter, but the great winter swell compensates for that.

Baby Beach is suited for riders of all levels. If you’re an advanced or expert rider, you won’t encounter any significant problems. If you’re a novice, you will be fine as long as you know how to water start and jibe. Riders of all levels need to watch out for protruding rocks and sharks. Pay attention while heading out on the ware as you will have to negotiate some slippery rocks.

If you don’t like crowds, then you will be pleased to find out that Baby Beach isn’t very crowded.

There are plenty of other great windsurfing spots on the northern coast of Maui, so if Baby Beach doesn’t suit your tastes, change location.

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