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Gnaraloo, Australia

Gnaraloo, Australia
Region: Oceania
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615 292Gnaraloo is one of the many, many great windsurfing spots you can find in Western Australia. Just to put things in perspective, you can windsurf at Spot X, Geraldton, Sunset Beach, Point More, Greenhead, Lancelin, South Passage, Hole in the Wall, Main Break, Wedge Island, Perth, Scarborough, Cottisloe, Swan River, Margaret River, Esperence, Coronation Beach, and Fourths. A lot of spots, I know, and the best part is that there’s nothing stopping you from moving from one spot to another.

Focusing on Gnaraloo, here are the main details you need to know about:

We have to talk about the general wind conditions in Western Australia here. The wind blows form the S and SE at speeds that vary between 20 and 30 knots. The further north you travel, the stronger the wind gets. There are a few months that are better than average as far as the wind is concerned - October, November, December, January, February, March and April.

The water conditions are ideal for waveriding. You will definitely have tons of fun riding the waves at Gnaraloo. The waves are so long that you will sometimes find it hard to ride the entire wave.
Sometimes it may be difficult to launch, depending on the tide.
Breaking your gear on the reef, in the shallow water, is not unheard of.
Some say the water smells of fish, which is a bad thing if you have a sensitive sense of smell.

Other useful information
Make sure to pack your sunscreen as the rays are unforgiving.
Pack all the things you are going to need before you leave for Gnaraloo.

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