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Kuau Beach, Maui

Kuau Beach, Maui
Region: North America
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Kuau Beach is located on the northern coast of Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. To be more precise, it is to the east of Paia Bay. Should you decide to pick Kuau Beach to get your windsurfing fix, here are the main details you need to know about this location:

Wind – the trade winds blow from the NE while the Kona winds blow from the SW. In the summer the wind blows at 20 to 25 knots while in the winter it blows at 18 to 22 knots. The wind is better in the summer, especially from May until September, but the waves are better in the winter.

Water – there’s a coral reef and rocks on the bottom. Rocks can break the surface during low tide. Besides looking out for rocks, you also need to look out for sharks. Kuau Beach is a pretty quiet place; you will not find many other water users (which is great if you don’t like crowds).

Getting out on the water – from a small channel of sand you will have to swim out to the deeper channel. After getting past the line of rocks you can sail out towards the reef.

Suitability – Kuau Beach is not novice-friendly if that is what you were wondering. You need to be an advanced or expert to ride here.

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