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Lyall Bay, New Zealand

Lyall Bay, New Zealand
Region: Oceania
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Close to “the land down under”, in the Pacific Ocean, that’s where you will find New Zealand, which is made up of two islands, a northern and southern one. On the southern tip of the northern island you will find Wellington, the capital city of New Zeeland. And a bit further south of Wellington you will find Lyall Bay, a bay, suburb, and popular swimming beach.

Should you pick Wellington to enjoy a spot of windsurfing, here are the main details you need to know about it:

“Windy Wellington” is how the locals call Wellington. They call it that because it is, well, quite windy. The wind starts in the morning (not trade winds, these are winds generated by the highs and lows in the weather system) and gradually picks up speed as the day progresses. There are a few months of the year when the wind conditions are better than normal; these months are October, November, December, January and February.

The wind at Lyall Bay blows from the south and sometimes from the north and northeast. For windsurfing, it’s best when it blows from the S. The more southerly the wind is, the more onshore it is. Northern and northeastern wind with no swell is not a good combo for windsurfing.

The water conditions are suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders when the wind blows from the S. The water conditions are meant for experts only when the wind blows from the N and NE.
Lyall Bay is a beach break with fast waves that may take some getting used to.
You will not be able to go out on the water without a wetsuit and that’s because the water tends to be a bit nippy. Actually a lot nippy – some windsurfers use 4/3 winter wetsuits.

Other useful information
The locals are very friendly.
You will not have a problem finding lodging and food, especially food. There are many, many restaurants that offer good food in Wellington.