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Mama's Beach, Maui

Mama's Beach, Maui
Region: North America
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Everybody who’s into windsurfing knows about Ho'okipa (or Hookipa) and for good reason. It is the place where numerous windsurfing events have been hosted over time; the place where the biggest names in the windsurfing world have shown off their skills.

But we will not focus on Ho'okipa in this article; we are going to focus on a windsurfing spot a bit further to the west, a spot called Mama’s Beach. It is called this way because it’s next to Mama’s Fish House. If you find Ho'okipa to be a bit too crowded for your taste, head over to Mama’s Beach. Why would you want to do that? Simply because Mama’s Beach offers excellent down-the-line sailing in powerful waves. Also because the waves at Mama’s Beach can be a bit more forgiving than at Ho'okipa.

There are a few hazards you should watch out for while riding at Mama’s Beach. These hazards include the following: corral reef, turtles, sharks, heavy waves.

You can ride at Mama’s Beach in the NE trade winds and in the SW Kona winds as well. The trade winds in Maui blow at 20 to 25 knots in the summer and 18 to 22 knots in the winter; there’s less wind, but better swell in the winter.

Mama’s Fish House offers the ultimate dinning experience – which will cost you a bit. Also, you have to dress smart to enjoy this ultimate dinning experience.

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