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Pamlico Sound, North Carolina

Pamlico Sound,
Region: North America
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The simple truth of the matter is that some windsurfing spots, great as they may be, they are not well suited for the novice rider. Ho'okipa for example is the Mecca of windsurfing, it is a legendary spot – but it is meant to be ridden by advanced and expert riders, not by novices. Old Lighthouse Beach, Cape Hatteras, which is right next to Pamlico Sound, is a great wave sailing spot. As a little side note, the American Windsurfing Tour called Cape Hatteras the premier wave sailing destination on the East Coast. Great as it may be, this spot is not ideally suited for novices. The currents can prove to be too strong,  the waves too big, and the wind too light at times.

Pamlico Sound on the other hand is a novice-friendly spot. The waist deep waters of this lagoon, the largest on the East Coast by the way, are ideally suited for novices who want to learn to water start. As previously mentioned, Pamlico Sound is large. Here are some figures to put things in perspective: it is 80 miles (129km) long and 15 to 30 miles (24 to 48km) wide.

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