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Pistol River, Oregon

Pistol River, Oregon
Region: North America
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Let me ask you a simple question: do you think the good people who organize the American Windsurfing Tour know what they are doing? Why of course they do. Now here’s a follow-up question: do you think they would pick a location if it weren’t exceptionally good? Of course they only pick the best windsurfing spots out there for the American Windsurfing Tour.

Let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the point: Pistol River is the second stop on the 2011 American Windsurfing Tour. This is the third consecutive year that the American Windsurfing Tour comes to Pistol River.

So going by the line of reasoning presented above, Pistol River is a topnotch windsurfing spot. If you think that Waddell Creek is a properly good windsurfing spot, then you need to know that Pistol River is even better. According to the organizers of the American Windsurfing Tour, Pistol River offers even better waveriding conditions than Wadell Creek. Pistol River has better wind conditions, bigger waves, and it is pretty remote, which adds to its appeal (Waddell Creek can get pretty crowded at times).

When describing Pistol River, representatives of the American Windsurfing Tour said it offers “some of the gnarliest sailing you are going to find” and that “it blows hard and it blows hard a lot”.

The American Windsurfing Tour is going to Pistol River in June, when the spring swell is still hitting and the summer winds are starting to blow. The summer months are the best as far as wind is concerned. The wind can pick up some decent speed during the winter months; it blows mainly from the north.

Fun fact: Pistol River is named thusly because back in 1853, during a skirmish of the Rogue River Wars, militia soldier James Mace lost a pistol in the river.

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