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Plimmerton, New Zealand

Plimmerton, New Zealand
Region: Oceania
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First up, a few words about where in the world Plimmerton is located: Plimmerton is located in the NW of Wellington; Wellington is the capital city and third most populous urban area of New Zealand: and New Zealand is an island country in the SW Pacific Ocean.

What interests us is the beach near the township of Plimmerton and more to the point, what makes Plimmerton a good windsurfing spot. Here are the main details you need to know about Plimmerton:

As mentioned above, Plimmerton is in the NW of Wellington. I bring this up again only because the locals have an interesting name for Wellington – “Windy Wellington.” The wind in this region starts to blow in the morning and picks up throughout the day. The best months for wind are January, February, October, November and December.

The wind at Plimmerton blows from the N and NW, mostly cross onshore, starboard tack riding. The more northerly the winds are, the gustier they are.

Fun fact: all the winds in New Zealand are produced by highs and lows in the weather system. In a spot like Wellington, the winds are consistent enough to offer some good 5 days of riding out of 7.

Out of all the spots in New Zealand, Plimmerton stands out by offering great waveriding conditions and starboard tack jumping. The waves are usually chest-high.
The water conditions are suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.

Other useful information
You will need a wetsuit as the water tends to be a bit chilly. Wear a 4/3 winter suit to protect yourself from hypothermia.
The locals tend to be quite friendly.
You will not have a problem finding lodging and food, especially food. There are many, many restaurants that offer good food.
Other outdoor sports you could enjoy in Plimmerton or Wellington: biking, hikinh, surfing, kayaking, river rafting, and bungee jumping.

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