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Gaastra Freetime 2010

Gaastra Freetime 2010

Sail type: Wave, Freeride, Beginner
Brand: Gaastra

The Gaastra Freetime is an affordable yet versatile windsurfing sail designed for maximum fun on the water. The saili is intended for beginner and intermediate riders, but is also highly recommended for windsurfing schools and resorts. Since it is meant for recreational sailing, it is incredibly easy to rig and to use. The weight is kept as low as possible through the use of a light mast and smaller luff length. Additional stability and balance on the water are increased by the top batten. The Freetime uses a no cam design, and depending on the size 1, 2, 3 or 4 battens.

The sail is durable and reliable, it takes no effort to control and steer and has easy to use power up or depower features. The power is very well distributed on the sail, so it can reach fast speeds even in low wind conditions. The Freetime offers a responsive, direct control and allows the rider to enjoy a smooth and unique windsurfing experience.

The Gaastra Freetime comes in 1.0 to 6.5 meter sized and several color schemes, and the recommended mast is Gaastra 15. Freetime is available in two models: X-ply and Dacron constructions and the both models are durable and deliver maximum fun and performance.