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Hot Sails GPS 2010

Hot Sails GPS 2010


Just as its name states, the GPS (Grand Prix Speed) from Hot Sails takes you straight to the finish line fast and safe in any competition. And it takes you there incredibly fast as the GPS is a pure racing sail. The new technology and design make the sail reach high acceleration and speed while maintaining reliable control both on flat waters or ocean waves. A smaller head and an increased down low section produce huge power and boost the GPS at high speeds through the water. A four roller camber inducer along with a cut away clew and flow aligned battens system make the sail rock solid in all conditions and delivers a easy and comfortable control.

A new and unique concept, the Aero Luff Sleeve has been used with the GPS to reduce drag and deliver additional power boost. A feature that Hot Sail uses on most of their sails is the “real leather protection”. Natural leather is preferred to other materials to increase the life cycle of the sails due to the high resistance and durability it delivers.

As we said before, the Hot Sails GPS is not a freestyle or freeride sail, it is purely intended for high performance slalom, course and speed racing.