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Hot Sails Speed Demon 2010

Hot Sails Speed Demon 2010


Out on the high waves or on calm flat water, if you are looking for a windsurfing race or slalom session, the Speed Demon by Hot Sails is the perfect choice. A unique no-cam design makes the Speed Demon super fast, super stable and super easy to use. The sail has a quick rigging systems that allows an easy and fast set up. Out on the water the sail delivers a safe and comfortable feeling, although it has increased power capabilities. Hot Sails has decreased the overall weight of the sail to improve control and stability.

A cleaner foil and more camber increase the aerodynamic shape of the Speed Demon to deliver a faster speed even in low wind conditions. Reliability and responsive controls are enhanced by the use of a shorter head batten and a seven battens design. Four of the battens are tube battens and improve overall rigidity and stability.

The fabrics used on the Hot Sails Demon are high quality X166 materials with x-ply reinforcements in wearable areas. The Speed Demon is available in 5.0 to 9.7 meter sizes and it has an affordable price for the great performance it delivers.