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Naish Global Freeride 2010

Naish Global Freeride 2010


The Global Freeride windsurfing sail from Naish delivers extraordinary performance at a decent price. The sail runs smoothly on all terrain, and the easy and fast steering options make it great for freeride enthusiasts. The new design allows a higher low power boost in light wind conditions, while keeping classic features like single scrim luff panel and 5 battens system. The Naish Global Freeride can be used by any type of surfer and is available in a very large size range, from 2.6 to 7.2 meters. The Sail is also built to outstand rough weather and strong winds.

Main Features:

● Classic design

● Monofilm construction

● Large wind range

● Large size range

● Moderate aspect ratio

● Easy handling and set up