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Naish Grand Prix 2010

Naish Grand Prix 2010

Sail type: Race, Freeride
Brand: Naish

The Naish Grand Prix is designed using a totally new technology that involves a unique 3D mold to shape the sail. The new shape is enhanced to deliver exceptional speed and handling and assures great performance at racing and freeride. Actually the Grand Prix is the successor of another racing sail by Naish, the successful Redline. New features include the customizable downhaul for custom power boost and lighter weight.  The superior construction and high quality fabrics make the Grand Prix one of the fastest sails on the market. It is a great choice for freeride and race.

Naish Grand Prix Features:

● Lightweight construction

● Single scrim luff panel

● Medium sleeve

● Built for high speeds

● Easy maneuverability

● Four tubes

● Three cams