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Naish Scout SE 2010

Naish Scout SE 2010

Sizes: 5.0 - 5.9  4.0 - 4.9  < 3.9
Sail type: Beginner
Brand: Naish

The Naish Scout SE is a great entry-level sail, suitable for beginner surfers and for windsurfing lessons. The impressive control and stability of the Scout SE are great advantages for the rider who wishes to learn windsurfing or take his skills to higher levels. As all the sail models for 2010 the Scout SE is built to be durable and keep a light weight at the same time. The design of the Scout SE is a classic one, featuring one long batten and one short batten for easy handling and response. The fabrics that Naish has used are Dacron and PVC, to increase the durability and life time of the sail.

Naish Scout SE Features:

● Lightweight construction

● Simple and efficient design

● User friendly characteristics

● Easy to use and handle

● Responsive controls