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Below the Surface: A New Movie by Andre Paskowski

Andre Paskowski is a passionate windsurfer and an excellent filmmaker. He is also a brave person, as diagnosed with cancer, he had to put his sportive career on hold in 2010, but started to fight against this disease with unseen courage. Filming brought a new meaning to his life and he became one of the most successful producers in the windsurfing movie scene.

After the success of Rewarded, the movie featuring his close friend and five-time Freestyle world champion Jose Gollito Estredo as the main star, Andre started working on a new project: Below the Surface. In this new movie, Andre aims to capture the best windsurfing moments by Victor Fernandez and friends and showcase great wave

riding spots from around the world.

As Andre explains, “The time has come. I am super happy that in my very difficult situation I am able to go for one more big DVD, hull HD project. It just all came nice together. A nice team, the support of my girlfriend and fully motivated riders made the decision totally easy.”

We are sure that Below the Surface will be a true masterpiece and can’t wait for the premieres. Until it takes place, you can enjoy some other high quality work by him, such as: Wet and Salty (2004), Flashback and Four Dimensions (2009), Minds Wide Open (2011), Magic Moments and Rewarded (2012).