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FireLIGHT, The Lightest Production Wave Sail in the World

Hot Sails Maui announced that it started to ship the FireLIGHT wave sail and that pretty soon you’ll be able to see the sail on beaches all over the world. What’s so interesting about this sail? Why just the fact that Hot Sails Maui says it is the lightest production wave sail in the world. How light is the FireLIGHT? The 4.5m one, the smallest one in the range, weighs in at a mere 2.7kg while the 6m one, the largest in the range, weighs in at 3.1kg.

The fact that it is light means that you fall in less, can more easily recover from extreme moves, can waterstart faster, and you get a more direct feel from the sail.

The downside is that the FireLIGHT costs more than the old Fire sails. That’s because Hot Sails Maui used yach grade laminates for the sail and the simple truth of the matter is that these laminates are not exactly cheap. Still, look at it like this: you pay a bit more, but you get more performance in return. You get a lightweight sail that’s made of the best materials around, a sail you can use to push the boundaries of wavesailing.

The sail comes in three graphics as opposed to three colors. The graphics are entitled: Conservative, Dynamic, and Yikes.

Here is what Owner and Founder of Hot Sails Maui, Jeff Henderson, had to say about the sail:
“It is light. Not just light, but crazy lightweight. The added efficiency of the sail is very notable and in lighter winds it's quite extraordinary. Just a single pump and your off. The feeling in a sail is ‘precise’, like a very sharp knife no energy is wasted; the job gets done clean and fast.”

And here is what Sales Manager Chris Freeman had to say about it:
“I have been using the 4.7m FireLIGHT everyday recently, in the past I would always use a 5.0m but now I find the lightweight and efficiency of the FireLight mean that I can rig smaller. On the wave my moves are cleaner and bigger, I can surf the wave more and forget the rig. In the air I love the control and featherweight feel which makes tough moves easier and results in less crashes!”