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The Girls Ride in Maui

Tatiana Howard’s latest clip, The Girls, will definitely determine you to pack your windsurfing gear and head towards sunny venues for holidays, to enjoy a cool windsurfing session. Raised on the beaches of Maui, Tatiana developed a true passion for water sports and turned out to be a water-loving mermaid.

As she grew up she started mastering surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. By the age of 16 she was on the Professional Windsurfing Tour traveling the world and competing in world class events. She soon became one of the top 12 women windsurfers of the world.

Her career is very impressive, but the most impressive thing about Tatiana is that she is the founder of The Butterfly Effect, the original water woman movement that focuses on sport, health, fitness and giving back to local charities and an organization dedicated to empower women in water sports through non-competitive events.

Tatiana's clip, The Girls, stars the awesome athlete riding her home waves of Maui alongside her friends Sarah, Katie and Amy. It is a cool clip, packed with fun and action moments. Enjoy!