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Marco Vinante Joins the Hot Sails Maui Team

Monday, the 26th of March 2012, windsurfing equipment manufacturer Hot Sails Maui announced that it welcomed a new rider on its team. And more to the point, Hot Sails Maui announced that it signed top Italian freestyler Marco Vinante.

As you can imagine, Hot Sails Maui said it is quite pleased to have a rider of Marco’s caliber on the team. Fans of the rider and people keeping track of these things do not need to be reminded that Marco won 2nd place in the 2011 Italian Freestyle Tour.

As a member of the Hot Sails Maui Team, Marco is now testing the Bolt, a sail with explosive dynamic performance, and the super light Firelight sail. In the near future, Marco will get a set of the new Freestyle Pro which he will test and then use in upcoming competitions.