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One Hour of 30 Knots Speed Sailing

Brad Anderson has become the first sailor to achieve an average speed of more than 30 knots, in one hour of course racing. He managed to sail for 60 minutes with an average speed of 30.37 knots and a top speed of 47.31 knots over 100 meters.

Brisbane windsurfer Brad Anderson used the Falcon Speed 51, MauiSails TR-8 6.3m, the 28 Black Projects Speed Weed and the Falcon Speed 45, MauiSails TR-7 5.5m and Black Projects X45 for the speed runs.

After completing this challenge, he said: “I have been sailing at high level for a few years now and most people in the Australian GPS community have known my results to be good for the conditions I sail in. The trip to Lake George is my first interstate speed sailing trip […] Luderitz is on my radar, just not sure if it is financially viable at this point and of course another trip to Lake George next year.”