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The Ones to Watch at the Podersdorf PWA 2012 Event

The second event on the 2012 PWA World Tour, the Surf World Cup Podersdorf, is a men’s only freestyle event that kicks off in Podersdorf Austria today. The event is scheduled to take place between the 27th of April and 1st of May. A lot of talented riders will take part in the first freestyle event of the season. But out of them all, the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) recommends you keep an eye on the following ones:

Steven Van Broeckhoven

The reigning World Champ is the favorite. He spent the winter training in South Africa and to show off his skills, he even released a video entitled “Time for a Change”. The video showcases Steven Van Broeckhoven’s new moves and shows that he is in top form. It will be interesting to see how Steven adapted to his new gear from JP and NeilPryde and it will be interesting to see what moves he pulls.

Jose Gollito Estredo

According to equipment manufacturer North, Jose Gollito Estredo wants the title. The four times World Champion wants to add a fifth title to the list and he’s determined to get it this year – and North is determined to support Gollito as much as it can. Placing 3rd in 2011 was an unsatisfactory result for Gollito; this 2012 he aims to improve upon it.

The Bonaire Crew

The PWA says you should keep an eye on the talented riders from Bonaire, Kiri Thode, Tonky Frans, and Taty Frans. With their unique style they never fail to attract the attention of the judges and they never fail to amaze the crowds. Just like previous years, the Bonaire Crew will push hard to make it to the podium.

Davy Scheffers

2011 was a great year for the radical Dutch freestyle rider sponsored by Tabou and Gaastra who placed 5th last season. He is familiar with the conditions in Podersdorf and he performed very well in Podersdorf last year. The PWA expects a great show from Davy this year.

Dieter Van Der Eyken

The Starboard and Severne-sponsored rider is talented, so talented that he could bring down the big guys. Knowing that he spent the winter training in West Oz, the other competitors should be worried about going against Dieter.

Yarden Meir

Everyone is familiar with the wild Israeli rider’s “go big or go home” attitude. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on a rider who has such an attitude.

Phil Soltysiak

He is consistent, can pull the spectacular moves the big guys can, and he will be pushing to make it into the top ten. So keep an eye on the Canadian freestyler.

The 2012 Surf World Cup Podersdorf will be a spectacular event – a five day freestyle extravaganza as the PWA put it. Make sure to visit Epikoo for daily reports and visit the official PWA webpage for more info on the event.