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Skyeboy Stars in RRD Wave Vogue MKIII Product Clip

Windsurfing, SUP, kiteboarding, and surfing equipment manufacturer RDD  has recently released an action video starring British pro rider John “Skyeboy” Skye. In the video Skyeboy puts the RRD Wave Vogue MKIII sail through its paces.

If you’re not familiar with the RRD Wave Vogue MKIII, then I must tell you that it is a pure wave sail that’s been re-designed by RRD with the help of the aforementioned John Skye. The sail has a new shape, new outline, and new window designs. 3 different types of x-ply materials were used to ensure that this surf sail can take the hardest of beatings. So overall, this is a pure performance wave sail that’s tough as nails.

Getting back to the topic at hand, you can view the video that stars John Skye and the RRD Wave Vogue MKIII sail by clicking the image in the related videos section below.

In related news, John Skye’s wife Nayra Alonso announced at the start of the month that she is pregnant. “Yep, we are pregnant! Fingers crossed everything will carry on fine and in November we will have a little Skyeboy or Skyegirl,” she said.