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West Wind Hurricane Session

Most riders tend to stay away from the waves when hurricanes strike. It is not the case for Dany Bruch, Adam Lewis, Sparky, Mark Shinn, Bart David and other few daring riders who love to challenge nature whenever they have the chance.

A short while ago, after a whole night of hurricane they got some nice waves in the bay with offshore winds in El Medano, Canary Islands. The guys could not resist the temptation to conquer the waves and went on an amazing post-hurricane session.

The waves were not quite friendly, but they could manage them as you will see if you check out the highlights of their session in the related videos below. It's man's skills vs. raw nature force.

The clip is filmed and edited by Bartek Jankowski of BJ Productions.

Music: Ólafur Arnalds - Til enda