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Exocet X.O Silver 2012

Exocet X.O Silver 2012


The Silver is Exocet’s solution for freeride and slalom. The new 2012 model borrows the successful features of the previous one, but it is further tuned and tweaked to offer improved overall performance. The 2012 Silver sail is crafted using the best fabrics and the latest technology, according to the highest quality standards. It blends power and speed with control and stability in an amazing way. It has refined outline which resembles to that of the Gold, but it has a smoother power delivery. The Silver accelerates fast and reaches a fast top speed in no time. At the same time it feels stable and it is very easy to control in most wind conditions.

The Exocet Silver is a great sail for freeride and slalom racing or for free slalom. The extra speed it offers is complemented by a lighter and softer feel. The rider is in complete control at all times and can handle the sail without effort. The Exocet Silver is constructed using top quality X-Ply and reinforced in critical areas. This structure makes it durable and light. It uses seven battens secured by a solid Strip Draft Locker and a two camber configuration. This way it is very stable in a wide range of wind conditions and responds accurately to any command. The sail is available in 5.5 up to 9.0 square meters sizes and comes with a fixed head, except for the 5.5m size which is available with adjustable head.

• Thermo Formed Mast Foot Protector
• Uphaul Recess
• Strap Handle
• Rush Guard Protector
• Easy Rig Velcro