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F2 Custom 2011

F2 Custom 2011

Sail type: Freeride
Brand: F2

The 2011 sail line introduced by F2 is crafted according to the highest performance and quality standards. Each sail is carefully tuned and tweaked to suit specific riding styles and skills and aims to be the best in its class. The new Custom is a multipurpose sail, intended to suit more than one discipline. The sail is built using the latest technology and the best fabrics. F2 has used thick monofilm for the window, polyester for the mast sleeve and X-Ply for the luff and other panels. This structure lowers the overall weight and makes the sail very durable.

The sail is held in place by a strap on system when it is rolled. It has a low trim power due to the Bigwheels trim block system. It has a five cross battens structure which improves the stability and control. The Custom is a very dynamic sail and can handle various wind and wave conditions with ease. It is very easy to rig and handle. The great thing about the Custom is that it can be powered up and offers a fast glide in light winds and it is reliable and accurate if the wind picks up. It can perform advanced tricks or offer a smooth cruise depending on the rider’s choice.

As F2 states, “casual cruising, jibbing and high speed, all of this can be done with the new Custom”. The sail bridges the gap between freeride, freemove and supercross. It is quite a powerful and fast sail, but it is also user friendly and easy to handle. It is the type of sailing machine which can handle all your windsurfing needs.