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F2 Discovery 2011

F2 Discovery 2011

Sail type: Beginner
Brand: F2

The new sails introduced by F2 for the 2011 season are crafted using the latest technology and the best fabrics and intended to suit the needs of all riders out there. Not every person is a pro or advanced windsurfer, even if he loves this extreme sport. Many people love to relax out on the waves and enjoy a comfortable cruise. Especially for them the F2 team has designed the Discovery.

The Discovery is a user friendly and easy to use sail intended to offer fun and relaxation. It is very light and can be used in various wind and wave conditions. At the same time it can be used with both shortboards and longboards, depending on the rider’s style and choice. The Discovery can be used by kids and women or by entry level riders without problems. It is easy to rig and fun to ride. The sail is constructed using a five battens no cam structure which makes it incredible stable and generates a smooth power delivery. It is built using top quality Dacron and monofilm. This construction assures a light weight and makes the sail durable and solid.

The sail can handle waves and flat water conditions with ease and it is easy to control. Even in high winds or at higher speeds it is reliable and comfortable to ride. Even if it is an entry level sail it has a good power delivery and can be used for progression or fast freerides by more advanced riders. The F2 Discovery is available in 5.0 up to 7.5 square meters sizes and comes with Epoxymast, line set, vario boom mast foot adapter and sail sleeve.