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Gaastra Freetime 2011

Gaastra Freetime 2011

Sail type: Beginner
Brand: Gaastra

Windsurfing is a fun and spectacular extreme sport. Each season it gathers more and more fans who are ready to experience the ultimate thrill out on the waves. Learning windsurfing is not a very difficult task if you have proper gear and proper guidance. Entry level riders need a forgiving sail and a forgiving board to help them pick up the basics.

The Gaastra Freetime is one of the most reliable and efficient beginner sails available today. It has an accurate control, a balanced power delivery and keeps the rider safe at all times. It is one of the most popular sails used by resorts, windsurfing schools and training camps. It is very easy to rig and very easy to operate. Learning windsurfing with the Freetime is safe, fast and easy. The sail is crafted using top quality fabrics and using additional reinforcements in critical areas. This way it is very durable, but also very light. The sail uses a shorter luff length and a special carbon mast to generate a balanced power and keep the rider in control at all times.

Gaastra has engineered the Freetime using a simple no cam design and a one up to four battens skeleton, depending on sail size, plus a Vario head. This structure maintains the sail profile intact in most conditions, assures good maneuverability and improved stability. If you love windsurfing and want to learn this sport fast, safe and easy, the Gaastra Freetime is the perfect platform for you. The sail is available in 1.0 up to 6.5 square meters sizes and works best when it is used with Gaastra Maverick or 15 SDM masts, depending on size.