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Gaastra Freetime 2012

Gaastra Freetime 2012

Sail type: Beginner
Brand: Gaastra

Windsurfing is a great extreme sport, a great way to unwind, exercise and have fun. Gaastra is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all riders and encourages all people to learn windsurfing. Learning windsurfing is not a difficult task if you have proper guidance and reliable gear. Entry level riders need a safe and efficient sail to help them pick up the basics fast and then progress. And one of the best beginner sails ever is the Gaastra Freetime.

The sail is built according to the highest quality standards and it is guaranteed to help you train easily and become a future champ. It is very durable and light and responds accurately to any command. The sail is forgiving, easy to rig and easy to operate. It is also a great choice for kids who love windsurfing and want to learn their first riding moves. It is very durable and can handle punishment without taking damage. It uses a short luff, which combined with a lightweight mast assures accurate and effortless control.

The sail uses one, two, three or four battens, depending on size. The batten structure makes it very stable and assures easy handling. All sizes come with Vario heads. Also, the sail works with Maverick or Gaastra 15 SDM masts, depending on size. The Gaastra Freetime is used by training camps, resorts and windsurfing schools all over the world. It can be used with short boards, long boards or SUP boards. It is a very efficient tool for the beginner and novice rider.