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Loftsails Switchblade 2011

Loftsails Switchblade 2011

Sail type: Freeride, Race
Brand: LoftSails

Loftsails is one of the most renowned brands in windsurfing industry. Their team always tries to improve the sailing experience of all riders out there by crafting high performance gear. In 2011, a new series of sails is ready to revolutionize the world of windsurfing. The new Switchblade is a unique sail, which combines racing performance with freeride maneuverability. The Swtchblade is one of the most reliable and versatile freerace sails available today. It features a refined, aerodynamic shape which is able to transform any wind breath into speed.

The great thing about this sail is that is fast in light winds and faster in high winds. The innovative Blade mast pocket construction assures fully loaded mast pockets which provide improved rotation performance. The Sensitip head batten system increases the sail’s wind range and makes it very flexible in the hands of the rider. The sail is kept steady by a solid batten skeleton. The cross batten structure also provides an efficient load distribution and allows the rider to perform advanced technical maneuvers without hassle.

Loftsails has implemented a unique Teckam system which allows the ride to use the Switchblade with RDM or SDM masts, depending on his needs. He just needs to switch the three Loft Large Tekcams with the other thee Loft Reduced Tekcams. The switch is very easy to perform. The Loftsails Switchblade features a lightweight construction which improves overall maneuverability. The sail offers impressive speed and blistering acceleration, yet it is easy to use and very predictable. It is the perfect sail for those riders who love extreme speed, but do not want to use a dedicated racing sail.

Loftsails Switchblade 2011 Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
Loftsails Switchblade 2011 Reviewed on Dec 16th 2011
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

I find it difficult to rig on SDM masts... But once I manage to do that, i must say that the sail runs nice. It is very fast.

Loftsails Switchblade 2011 Reviewed on Dec 16th 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

This sail is faster than most race sails. It is also much more easy to tune and rig. get this sail if you have the chance. Apart from speed it has awesome handling. The upwind angle is very good and the Switchblade is stable as a rock....more