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Naish Rally 2011

Naish Rally 2011

Sail type: Freeride
Brand: Naish

The new sails introduced by Naish in 2011 are intended to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers out there. They are crafted according to the highest quality standards and offer top performance. The new Rally is Naish’s premier freeride sail, but it also excels at freestyle and wave sailing. Each size of the Rally is especially tuned to offer specific performance. 

The smaller sizes of the Rally are especially designed to suit beginner riders and children. They are very forgiving and easy to use and a great choice for training and windsurfing schools. The intermediate sizes of the Rally offer extra speed and improved early planning performance. The special outline of these sizes makes the sail a good choice for freestyle, wave and fast freerides. The larger Rally sails offer extra power and are considered the most efficient no cam freeride sailing machines today. The sail is engineered using a single Scrim luff panel which allows it to offer balanced power and reliable control. The sail features a narrower sleeve and evolving batten geometry. These features assure optimal handling in a wide wind range. 

Depending on size, the Naish Rally uses three, four, five or six battens. The solid battens skeleton improves overall stability and adds extra control in gusts. Naish has constructed the Rally using top quality X-Ply, Monofilm and Dacron fabrics. This construction makes the sail incredible light and durable. The Naish Rally is an efficient sailing machine which can take care of all your freeride needs without effort. It suits multiple riding styles and skills and can handle most surf conditions.