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NeilPryde Experience 2012

NeilPryde Experience 2012

Sail type: Beginner
Brand: NeilPryde

Windsurfing gathers a huge number of fans. Some of them are pro riders who participate in world class competitions, others enjoy a fun ride and others would love to learn this great sport. Learning windsurfing is not difficult if you have proper guidance and proper gear. First of all you need a reliable sail, and one of the best sails for entry-level users is the new NeilPryde Experience.

The Experience is very easy to rig and operate and guaranteed to help you pick up the basics of sailing fast and safe. The NeilPryde Experience is engineered using a special ArmourWeb and Dacron structure. This construction makes it light and soft, but also very durable. A ClearWeb window assures excellent visibility and allows the rider to see where he is heading. The ClearWeb fabrics also improve the draft stability. The sail uses a special two and a half battens skeleton. This design is used to keep the sail light and stable. The lack of a foot batten improves transition from tack to tack. The transition is smoother as it is done without rotations.

The NeilPryde Experience feels light and agile out on the waves. It is easy to power up and control. It offers a smooth glide and a fun ride. It is the perfect sail for windsurfing schools, camps or resorts, as well as for riders who wish to learn windsurfing by themselves. The larger sizes of the Experience are optimizes for SUP sailing. The SUP pack contains the sail, a X1 boom, a X35 RDM mast 430 and a UXT RDM alloy extension.