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NeilPryde Firefly 2011

NeilPryde Firefly 2011

Sail type: Freestyle, Wave
Brand: NeilPryde

The Firefly is NeilPryde’s premier freestyle and wave sail. It offers plenty of pop and power, as well as incredible control. The sail is light and agile and feels alive from the first moment it is set on the water. The Firefly is part of the X-Over series of sail introduced by NeilPryde. It suits riders who perform in both flat waters and waves. The sail offers spectacular light and it is perfect for advanced aerial maneuvers. The Firefly has a centered draft location which assures improved stability and puts extra power in the hands of the rider.

The lower aspect ratio defined by the reduced luff length and longer boom provides balanced low down power. At the same time, the increased luff curve makes the sail steady and responsive. The sail can offer a solid drive or become neutral very easy, due to the moderate downhaul and surface tension. A special compact clew assures top maneuverability in all conditions. The sail accelerates quickly, offers constant power and reaches a nice top speed. At the same time it offers exceptional control and can be easily depowered when needed. It is very easy to rig and operate due to the no cam design. A solid five battens skeleton makes it very stable and responsive.

The sail generates extra power when pumped and gets the rider airborne without effort. It also has good planning potential and glides smoothly through the waves. The NeilPryde Firefly is a dynamic sail which bridges with success the gap between freestyle and wave riding. It is available in 4.9 up to 6.9 square meters sizes and comes in two different color styles.