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NeilPryde Fusion 2012

NeilPryde Fusion 2012


NeilPryde is synonym for performance in the word of windsurfing. Every piece of gear manufactured by their team offers top quality and performance. The 2012 season gathers a new series of NeilPryde sails which are ready to improve the riding experience of all windsurfers out there. The 2012 Fusion is one of the most versatile all round sailing machines ever. It is light, built to last and easy to operate.

The Fusion handles a wide wind range and runs great on all terrain. The rider can use on flat water and waves, on rivers and lakes or anywhere else without problems. The Fusion has a smooth power delivery and it is very stable. It suits advanced and beginner riders alike and it is a great tool for progression.  The sail is engineered using a progressive aspect ratio which assures optimal performance in lighter winds. At the same time the sail is reliable and easy to handle if the wind picks up. It has specific foot angles depending on size. The smaller Fusions are optimized for control and maneuvers, while the larger ones have a low foot cutout to provide extra speed.

The NeilPryde Fusion is a forgiving sail which packs the right amount of power needed to satisfy the demands of all riders. A five battens skeleton keeps it very stable at all times. The Fusion is crafted using an ArmourWeb Dyneema structure featuring twin seams and a compact clew. It is available in 4.9 up to 7.2 square meters sizes and comes in two different color styles. The 4.9 model uses a Vario top, all other modes fixed ones.