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Point-7 AC-X 2011

Point-7 AC-X 2011

Sail type: Freeride, Race
Brand: Point-7

The new series of Point-7 sails introduced in 2011 are engineered using the latest technology and the best fabrics, according to the highest quality standards. They are performance oriented sails, intended to offer ultimate efficiency out on the waves. The new 2011 Point-7 AC-X is the one and only sail you need to take care of your speed needs.

The AC-X is the perfect choice for freeride, freerace and even casual racing. It offers racing performance and freeride maneuverability packed into a unique no cam design. The sail features a refined aerodynamic profile which generates plenty of power and speed in most wind conditions. The sail excels in flat waters, but it also works fine in small to medium waves. Larger sizes of the AC-X are powerful lightwind machines able to turn the smallest wind gust into pure speed. Point-7 has designed the AC-X using a square platform which is able to combine excellent maneuverability with top low end power in order to offer a smooth and fast ride.

Although is performs in a similar way as a pure racing sail, the AC-X is more forgiving and easier to handle. The no cam design allows the rider to rig and operate the sail without effort, without affecting rotation performance.  The shorter mast and boom lengths define a compact profile. This profile allows the rider to control the sail without hassle in any situation and assures top stability. For extra stability, the sail uses a six or seven battens skeleton, depending on size. The Point-7 AC-X is fast and agile. It is just what speed addicts need to enjoy an exciting drive out on the waves.