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Point 7 Sado 2G 2012

Point-7 Sado 2G 2012

Sail type: Wave

A new series of Point-7 sails is ready to start the 2012 windsurfing season in full throttle. All sails are crafted according to the highest quality standards and intended to offer the best performance in their class. The Sado 2G is a powerful and accurate sail which will take the world of wave riding to a new level. Due to the unique mix of power and control it offers, the Sado 2G allows the rider to dominate the waves in most conditions.

The sail is engineered using a special shaping technology which assures top control in all wind conditions. It is also able to push the board on the lip of the wave, regardless of the wind angle. The sail features a compact outline which makes it very maneuverable. This compact outline also generates greater power using a smaller sail surface. This feature makes the Sado 2G perfect for lighter riders than need smaller sail sizes. The deeper, forward position of the sail also provides exceptional stability in all conditions. Extra stability is added by the solid five battens skeleton. The Sado 2G has an amazing top batten twist control which provides exceptional rotation as the sail catches more wind.

Point-7 has used a straight cut foot to make sure that the sail is able to generate extra power when needed. The sail can provide power on demand for those riders that perform advanced new school tricks. The forward profile generates some extra pressure on the fin to optimize the drive and increase the stability of the board. This feature also assures a very fluid and smooth drive. The Point-7 Sado 2G is available in 3.3 up to 6.4 square meters sizes and can be used with both single and multi fin boards. It offers a very exciting drive at all times.