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Point-7 Strike 2011

Point-7 Strike 2011

Sail type: Freeride
Brand: Point-7

Windsurfing is a very spectacular extreme sport and gathers a huge number of fans. At the same time, many riders would love to learn this wonderful sport. In order to learn windsurfing safe and easy, they need reliable gear and proper guidance. The Point-7 team supports all people that want to learn windsurfing and has crafted the new Strike sail especially for them. The sail has a smooth power delivery, it feels very steady and it is easy to handle. At the same time t packs enough power to keep up with the riders as they progress.

The Strike is very simple to rig and operate and feels very forgiving out on the waves. The smooth outline allows it to glide very smooth and generates a fluid drive in most wind conditions. It has good early planning and it is also able to propel the board upwind without hassle. Point-7 has engineered the Strike using a Square platform. This platform defines a reduced luff curve which assures easy rigging and a forward oriented shape which significantly improves handling during cruising or during maneuvers. Another advantage of this special platform is that it generates good low end power for early planning. This feature is very useful for beginner riders that use larger boards with extra volume.

The sail uses a five or six battens skeleton, depending on its size. This skeleton significantly improves overall stability. The Strike uses a vario top for better mast compatibility. Point-7 has crafted the Strike using a light and solid monofilm structure plus additional X-Ply panels in critical areas. This construction makes the sail robust and light. This way it is able to take all the possible punishment without suffering any damage. The Point-7 Strike is agile and forgiving. It is the perfect choice for entry level riders that need a reliable sailing machine.